stillnotpopular asked:

I like your blog, you seem very honest person, idn I'm starting to be hooked on your posts. ;) and about you being very clingy, yeah I know how you feel, there are a lot of us like you, I also get so attached easily too and it's stupid how I overreact later. And your stories, omg, everything you say is true, you just wrote down 80% of stuff that I feel inside and I never tell, because there is no one who would listen.God, you were the best random click ever on tumblr!

I don’t know if you’ll read this, since it’s far from when you asked it, but I want you to know that the second I got the email saying you asked this question, I got very excited. Your comment made me so happy and I’m so glad that you found happiness within my near deceased blog. I poured my soul into this thing, but just never got very far. =/


Anonymous asked:

L O fucking L for getting back together with her. Guess you do really just care about sex and your own God damn fucking feelings. But I shouldn't whine. It's her that will get used like your fucking sex toy and thrown away like a dirty slut.

I don’t even know what you’re talking about. lol :O

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